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ResponsiveDesign is a theory of inquiry and innovation enabling users to transform systems, structures and cultures. RD engages in iterative processes of exploring, envisioning and enacting. As a theoretical construct, it both positions the end-user as a prototyper of practice and it serves as a prism and portal at the center of two often disconnected worlds: theory and practice.


RD's epistemological roots are grounded in interdisciplinary traditions from ethnography, literary theory, critical discourse analysis and the field of art & design. RD extracts from these traditions a shared and salient DNA, or way of experiencing, understanding and representing the world: Deep-Dive & Document, Notice & Name, Analyze & Announce.


RD enables this DNA to inform the actual work of practitioners in schools by ensuring the development of 3 Durable Practices: Intentional Collaborating, Intentional Instructing in Academic Practices and Language, and, Intentional Critically Reflecting. These 3Ds are at the heart of how educators approach teaching events: Inquiring into My Pratice (IMP). Thus, RD enables theory to inform practice, and practice to test and further articulate the boundaries of our theoretial understandings.

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